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By Ashley Grogan
Sports Writer 

Lassen football does not take prisoners


November 1, 2016  | View PDF

Ashley Grogan

The Grizzlies brought their all during the Oct 21 game against the Anderson Cubs. The final score was a 42-13 Grizzly win.

The Friday, Oct. 21 football game pitted Lassen High against the Anderson Cubs. Lassen, not surprisingly, won the game with a final score of 42-13.

Before the kickoff initiated the annihilation, the Lassen High seniors were honored in numerous ways.

First off, the seniors' moms took the field with a dance routine. Their moves, kicks and final dabs proved that having a soon-to-be graduate looked good on them.

The night then continued with the senior players standing on the field with proud families at their sides. Each student was named and honored with cheers.

After the football seniors were recognized, the drill team and cheerleaders stole the limelight by honoring their seniors.

The stands were full of proud families throughout the game.

In addition to the celebration of senior night, the home game was also used to recognize breast cancer awareness. In honor of such, the drill team sported pink tops and the cheerleaders had pink pom-poms.

With the crowd untamable, the game was set to start.

Lassen kicked off to Anderson, but possession did not stay in the Cubs' favor for long. An Anderson fumble led to the line of scrimmage set at the 30-yard line in Cub territory.

After a mere 1:14 passed in the game, Tucker St. Andre rushed for the first touchdown of the night. With a good PAT by Hunter St. Andre, the board proudly displayed 7-0 for the Grizzlies.

Another kickoff set the game in motion once more. With 8:03 remaining of the first quarter, possession was turned over to the Grizzlies.

With 7:53 on the clock, Tucker St. Andre rushed the ball to the 25-yard line on Cub territory.

The next play resulted in a pass completed by Michael Swayze, brining the line of scrimmage to the four-yard line.

With 7:06 shining proudly, Tucker St. Andre rushed another Grizzly touchdown. Hunter St. Andre then kicked a good PAT.

The St. Andre brothers brought the score up to 14-0.

Fans sensed a feeling of déjà vu as the Grizzlies took less than two minutes to regain offensive possession of the ball. This time, however, the Grizzlies started their offensive strategy at the 35-yard line on their own territory.

Chad Arnold then got the crowd roaring when he caught a pass, sending the line of scrimmage to the 48-yard line on Lassen's side.

Colby Harris then stole the limelight by carrying to the Anderson 40-yard line, granting yet another first down.

After three failed attempts to move the ball 10 yards, the Grizzlies threw the ball with 20 seconds left of the quarter.

Swayze completed the pass and as the buzzer rang, Tucker St. Andre rushed the final 10-yard distance to score the third Lassen touchdown. A missed PAT left the score at an even 20-0 advantage for Lassen.

The first turnover in the second quarter was delivered with less than six minutes on the clock. A Cub punt was caught by Lassen High senior Jacob Harris at the Grizzly five-yard line.

Lassen players continued to stampede their way back to the Anderson goalpost 10 yards at a time until Chad Arnold caught a pass with 3:12 to go.

From there, Tucker St. Andre rushed the final three yards for a Lassen touchdown.

To make up for the previously missed PAT, the Grizzlies sent Travis Wood in for a two-point conversion. Wood brought the score up to 28-0; only 1:18 remained of the first half.

The halftime show was initiated by the drill team performance. The tickled-pink Grizzliettes even included some stunting in their dance to keep the fans cheering throughout. The performance finished with the senior drill team members holding hands and finding themselves in the front, smiling in front of the crowd for one of their biggest performances of 2016.

The second performance was presented by the Lassen High cheerleaders. With a series of songs all representing the importance of hope and strength with reference to fighting cancer, the girls truly showed off their passion. The cheerleaders threw a basket tuck before showing the crowd a heart made from their pom-poms. Their finale was a pom-pom cancer ribbon glittering in the lights.

An Anderson kickoff initiated the third quarter of the Grizzly vs. Cubs game.

The first mark on the board for the Cubs was made with 1:44 on the board as a 25-yard rushing touchdown for Anderson. The score was then brought up to 28-6, Lassen, after a missed PAT.

The Grizzlies took the Anderson touchdown as a threat to their victory; and all should know not to threaten the Lassen High Grizzlies.

Lassen had a long run before the ball hit the ground. With less than two minutes remaining, the line of scrimmage was at the three-yard line of Cub territory.

Tucker St. Andre rushed the ball in for a Grizzly touchdown, ultimately scoffing at Anderson defensive attempts.

With a good PAT by Hunter St. Andre, the score was 35-6 for the third quarter's end.

Vocal cords must have been sore on Saturday morning, for the crowd couldn't have been prepared to cheer as loudly as they did during quarter four.

Tucker St. Andre wasted less than a minute before rushing 50 yards to score another Grizzly touchdown. Hunter St. Andre's PAT brought the Grizzlies to 42 points.

With four minutes left of the game, Anderson was able to manage a pass into the touchdown zone. The complete pass followed by a good PAT brought the final score up to 42-13, Lassen.

The next opponent for the Grizzlies will be Central Valley. The away game will be held on Friday, Nov. 4.


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