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By Ashley Grogan
Sports Writer 

Grizzlies remind Pirates which team is really in charge of the playoffs


November 22, 2016  | View PDF

Ashley Grogan

Team captains, Carson Chavez, left, Korbin Drake, Dalton Loftin and Hunter St. Andre unite to join the referees and Wheatland captains prior to the November 10 game starting.

On Thursday, Nov. 10, the Wheatland Pirates made a grave mistake by challenging the Lassen High Grizzly football team for the first round of playoffs.

The Grizzlies are powerful and intimidating, but apparently the Pirates did not understand this after the many other brutal victories Lassen has achieved. Wheatland decided to experience the Grizzly roar firsthand.

The game ended with the Pirates violently agreeing that Lassen was in control. A final score of 48-0 shone on the board.

The clock officially started with the Grizzlies kicking off to Wheatland.

At 9:57, possession of the ball was handed over to Lassen. The line of scrimmage was set at the 35-yard line in Pirate territory.

It came as no surprise to see Hunter St. Andre score a seven-yard rushing touchdown with 8:06 remaining of the first quarter. After a good PAT, Lassen was in the lead 7-0.

The next Lassen kickoff was well executed as Hunter St. Andre sent the ball past the Pirates' end zone.

The field was more than just home turf for the Grizzlies; it was a symbol of all that Lassen owns, but the Pirates didn't understand.

The Grizzlies then suffered a defensive penalty at 6:46 and were forced to move the line of scrimmage 20 yards into the Grizzly side of the field. The apparent Pirate advantage didn't last long as Lassen gained back possession at 6:27.

Tucker St. Andre urged the Pirates to remember where the power truly stood as he brought the ball to the 10-yard line in Pirate territory over the span of a single play.

With 4:36 on the clock, Travis Wood scored a two-yard rushing touchdown. Another good PAT by Hunter St. Andre kicked the score up to 14-0 in Lassen's favor.

The Pirates still refused to understand. Regardless as to their plays or the amount of times the ball was in their possession, the Grizzlies were in control.

Hunter St. Andre sent the ball flying yet again on the kickoff. The Pirates caught the ball at the five-yard line before attempting a rush to the Lassen end zone.

Lassen gained possession at 2:59.

Hunter St. Andre made the third Grizzly touchdown with a 30-yard rush. After an up and good PAT at 2:46, the Pirates should have accepted defeat.

However, Wheatland still held the delusion that victory was possible. After a Grizzly turnover at 2:23 and a 50-yard rush by Michael Swayze, one Wheatland Pirate had the audacity to intercept a Grizzly pass.

If it weren't for the one Pirate trying to knock the Grizzly ego in the jaw, Wheatland pride might have lived on.

The quarter ended with a score of 21-0.

The second quarter was filled with gruesome defeat as well.

At 9:43, Hunter St. Andre scored a 40-yard rushing touchdown. A good PAT following brought Lassen up to 28 points.

As if that wasn't enough, Lassen's Carson Chavez and Isaiah Arellano both performed a sack against Wheatland.

With 3:52 remaining of the first half, Tucker St. Andre scored a 60-yard rushing touchdown to show the Pirates that even when they pass the line into Grizzly territory, Wheatland hope is only a mirage.

Another good PAT was scored to bring the score up to 35-0, Grizzlies.

Upon an attempted Pirate pass, Jacob Harris intercepted and rushed 30 yards to score another Lassen touchdown. The score was brought up to 41-0 with 3:38 on the board.

The 41-0 score remained true until the end of the second quarter was called.

The Lassen High drill team and cheerleaders entertained the crowd during the halftime show. As always, the dance routines and stunts were on point for both groups of ladies.

The third quarter was initiated by a kickoff by Wheatland.

Apparently, quarter three was dedicated to reasoning with the Pirates. Lassen didn't take action to advance their score, but any Wheatland recovery was out of the question.

Unfortunately, Wheatland continued to glare at the Grizzlies as if Lassen had soiled the Pirates' breakfast.

After the third quarter, it was clear that Lassen only yearned for the Pirates to acknowledge that the game belonged to them. The playoffs belong to Lassen. The league belongs to Lassen. And, if anything, the Pirates should be more than willing to ensure the Grizzlies continue to prosper.

But this idea wasn't sinking in the minds of the Pirates, though clearly it had taken its toll on their ships.

Quarter four began with the same score as quarter three: 41-0, Lassen.

With two minutes remaining of the game, Nathan Egan put the nail in the coffin with a 13-yard rushing touchdown.

Harris then kicked a good PAT to bring the score up to 48-0.

After the last point gain by Lassen, Wheatland's stubbornness finally broke. Lassen owned the game; it was clear by this point.

The game was called with 48-0 on the board. The Grizzlies merely accepted the victory knowing that at the break of dawn, there would be a brand new day waiting for them to continue playing football.

Had Lassen been the visiting team, they would have left the Pirates to their mourning.

Instead, they watched Wheatland scramble to gather the remains of their fallen ego and sent them on their way.

The Grizzlies went head-to-head against Anderson High on Friday, Nov. 18 for the second round of playoffs. The results will be published in the Tuesday, Nov. 29 issue.

The championship game will be held at 7 p.m. on Saturday, Nov. 11.


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