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By Ashley Grogan
Sports Writer 

Lassen wrestling hosts catfight against Sac City


November 22, 2016  | View PDF

Ashley Grogan

Alex Aniciete dives for his opponent's leg to get an advantageous position during the match on November 9.

The Lassen College Cougars hosted the Big 8 Conference Match against the Sacramento City College Panthers on Wednesday, Nov. 9.

The match ended with a 42-6 score in Sacramento City's favor, but the Cougars were proud to have taken on the Panthers head-on.

Lassen was up to an immediate disadvantage with the first three weight classes ruled as a Cougar forfeit.

The first one-on-one match had a Cougar representative of Alex Anicieti.

Anicieti lead the match with a two-point lead by performing a reversal on his opponent.

Anicieti made his Cougar fans proud as he stayed in the advantage position for a majority of the first period.

Sacramento City made its only point in period one by executing an escape from Anicieti's hold.

Anicieti's second period started with a solid grip in the advantage position, but an escape led the score to be tied.

With 1:31 remaining of the second period, Anicieti earned another two points via takedown.

However, the match finished with a 5-4 score in favor of the Panthers.

Clearly, the Panthers had a few reversal and takedown tricks up their sleeves to match with their ability to escape Lassen holds.

The decision was in favor of the Panthers, thus awarding them with an additional three points to add to their original score of 18.

With a forfeit following Aniciete, the team scores were displayed as 28-0 in Lassen's disadvantage.

Next up for the Cougars was Antonio Jauregui. By the end of period one, Jauregui showed he was not fooling around. The score was 3-1, favoring Jauregui.

In the second period, Jauregui gained three more points via an escape and later a takedown of his opponent.

The final two points gained by Jauregui took the form of a well-execute reversal in period three.

The match was called with a Lassen-winning 8-7 on the board. The decision awarded the first three team points to the Cougars side of the board.

Yasuan Rosa was next up for the Cougars. Rosa's opponent took no interest in the seven-minute match and thus executed a pin against Rosa with 55 seconds remaining of the first period.

The fall in Panther advantage provided another six points to add to Sacramento City's tally.

Jontavious Broner had a similar experience as Rosa once he stepped foot on the mat.

Broner kept his shoulders off the mat for the duration of the first period. But between a couple takedowns and two escapes, the first period ended with 6-0 on the board favoring the Panthers.

The second period started with Broner in the advantage position. Despite wild attempts by the Panther opposing him, Broner would not be thrown off.

Broner showed off the power in his legs by keeping hold of his opponent. However, soon after an escape was finally made, a Panther pounce sent the Cougar to the mat.

The match ended with a fall to the disadvantage of Broner, thus awarding Sacramento City another six points.

Westley Ruffer was next on the mat with a fire burning behind his Cougar eyes.

Ruffer did not pin his opponent, but he rather proved his dominance as one of the top Cougars in the pride.

Jaguar attempts were made left and right to extinguish Ruffer's passion, but with every escape made by Sacramento City, Ruffer countered with a reversal or a takedown.

As the points climbed for Ruffer, the remaining time dwindled.

The match was called with 8-3 on the board. Thus, another decision was called and Lassen was awarded three points.

Though the 33-6 score was intimidating, the last Cougar was determined to keep fighting.

Nate Foisaga took the mat and showed off his strength both in overbearing power and resistance to be held down for long.

Foisaga made some solid escapes from his opponent and kept the Panther on his toes.

Ultimately, Foisaga's match was brought to an end with 9-3 favoring Sacramento City.

With the final match ended via Sacramento City decision, the final tally for team scores was 36-6.

Though the Cougars didn't win the Big 8 Conference Match against Sacramento City, they made sure the Panthers didn't leave the den without a few bruises.


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