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Wildcats claim one win while Indians claim the other


November 22, 2016  | View PDF

Ashley Grogan

The Shaffer Indians host the Janesville Wildcats on Nov 14.

On Monday, Nov. 14, the Shaffer Indians hosted two basketball games against the Janesville Wildcats.

The seventh grade game was called with a 27-13 win for the Wildcats. The overwhelming win was then countered by a 30-17 win by Shaffer for the eighth grade game.

The first quarter of the seventh grade game resulted in a 4-2 score on the board favoring Janesville.

Shaffer initially held the lead of quarter one when Bella Giessner earned the Indians one point with a free throw less than three minutes into the game.

However, Janesville's Caitlyn Fine set the record straight with not only two successful free throws at 3:20, but also a solid basket at 1:51 off of a teammate's rebound.

The second quarter put Janesville even further in the lead with a free throw shot made by Graceyn Harlan after 36 seconds of game play.

Shaffer made a slight comeback when Lexie Winters shot a basket after a well-executed play. Desiree Bailey had thrown in the ball from the sideline after a Janesville foul and without missing a beat, Winters ensured the ball made its way through the basket.

Janesville called a timeout with 4:21 on the board and a score of 5-4 in the Wildcats' favor.

Upon return of gameplay, Janesville's Fine made two free throws like a professional, clearly pushing the Indians further into a disadvantage.

Later, with 1:59 on the board, Harlan made a basket for the Wildcats, which brought the score up to an 8-4 lead.

Shaffer got their heads in the game after seeing their score doubled.

Giessner was able to make a basket from her own rebound at 1:40, and she was followed by another Shaffer basket shot by Lupita Orozco.

The last 22 seconds brought a competitive light out of Wildcat player Pheobe Dealba who scored one last basket for Janesville.

The first half ended with 11-8 on the board, favoring Janesville.

Janesville clearly received the pep talk of their lives during the halftime break because quarter three was off to a great Janesville start.

At 5:10, Rylee Hart made a basket for the Wildcats. Then, at 4:34 and 4:07, Sydney Witlock made sure the crowd understood that it was her turn for the limelight.

Had it not been for some Janesville fouls, the Wildcats would have been the only scorers of quarter three.

However, Shaffer's Giessner and Bailey were awarded two free throws each during the quarter. Three points were gained, in total, for Shaffer.

Between the two sets of free throws, Janesville's Hart snuck in a basket and made the last point on Wildcat behalf with 2:27 on the board.

The start of quarter four had 19-11 looming over the Indians. For as much as the score motivated Shaffer to fight hard, the Wildcats were equally motivated to fight harder.

A Wildcat basket was made by Harlan at 4:04, 4 at 2:36 and 2:18, and then by Hart with 1:11 on the board.

Shaffer was able to get an additional two points in from their previous score of 11 by sending in Winters to score a basket from the rebound of Faith Murphy.

The seventh grade game was called at 27-13.

As many of the girls on Shaffer's eighth grade team are from grades six and seven, it didn't take much for Shaffer to be warmed up.

While the loss in game one was difficult to swallow, it was the perfect motivation to kick it into gear for game two.

Shaffer's Winters was the first to score in the eighth grade game.

Winters was quickly countered by a Wildcat basket made by Jodi Chandler, but the tie didn't bother the Indians as much as it had in the first game.

The Indians recovered their lead with a basket made by Katie Parady and Giessner between the fourth and fifth minute of the game.

A Janesville foul then sent Shaffer's Parady to the free throw line, where both attempts were accepted.

A Wildcat timeout was called to try to trigger the Janesville need to win.

However, Indian Winters shut down the Wildcat need with a basket post-rebound.

The first quarter was called with 10-2 on the board in favor of the home team.

Janesville started quarter two officially warmed up. After a Shaffer basket made by Parady, the Wildcats took back the court with a basket at 4:01 and one at 3:33 by Leanndra Harper.

With 3:22 remaining of the first half of the game, Shaffer's Giessner made a basket. She was followed by a basket made by teammate Parady with 2:43 on the board.

With two missed free throws on both teams, the half was called with 16-6 on the board favoring the Indians.

The Wildcats continued to put up a fight throughout the third quarter as the first point made was via Tristen Struthers's free throw at 4:55.

Shaffer countered with their own gain of points through the use of Giessner and Bailey who made baskets at 4:34 and 3:20, respectively.

At 2:39, Janesville's Struthers reminded us all to never see a missed basket as a complete loss by scoring two points after her own rebound.

Less than 40 seconds later Shaffer made a basket via Corina Camarena's shot.

Struthers was fouled by a Shaffer player with less than two minutes to go. Both earned free throws were successful.

With 10 seconds on the clock, Bailey established the 24th point for Shaffer in comparison to Janesville's 11.

The final quarter had its first basket made by Anna Geoia of the Wildcats.

Shaffer's Parady made a name for herself soon after, though, as she made both free throws awarded at 4:18 as well as made a follow-up basket at 3:45.

A timeout was called by Janesville with 3:04 on the board. Whatever was said between the girls in the Janesville huddle was truly advantageous to the group as Allie Magarell made a basket 10 seconds after the timeout was finished.

Parady of Shaffer showed off the Indian strategies with a basket made straight from a pass by Bailey.

Janesville finished off the game with a basket of their own, however, by sending in Struthers in the last two minutes of the game.

The eighth grade game was called with a final score of 30-17 in the Indians' favor.

Both schools were represented well on the court on Nov. 14 as each side gained a win before the night was over.


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