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By Ashley Grogan
Sports Writer 

LCC soccer represents Lassen County in playoffs


November 29, 2016  | View PDF

The Lassen Community College soccer teams proved themselves throughout the season and made their way to the 2016 playoffs for the Championship title.

While neither men’s nor women’s team earned the Championship title, both represented Lassen well with their intense efforts on the field.

The first round of playoffs for the men’s team were hosted on Nov. 19 against the City College of San Francisco.

The San Francisco Rams had clearly been exhausted from the season as their performance was quite poor during the first half of the game.

By the time the first half had finished, Lassen had earned three points. Louis Callaghan scored the first goal with an assists from Djibril Fofana. Fofana scored the second with an assist from Callaghan. And Carlos Eduardo scored the final goal with an assist from Daudi Amour.

The Cougars addressed the lack of challenge posed by the Rams and took the second half of the game easy.

Though the Cougar score did not advance, the Rams were able to slip in one goal.

The final score of the game was 3-1, Lassen.

With the win, the Cougars advanced to the second round of playoffs.

On Tuesday, Nov. 22, Lassen took on the Hartnell College Panthers for round two of playoffs.

In the first half, Hartness took advantage of the home field by shooting three successful goals.

Lassen countered the 3-0 losing score with a goal of their own. Eduardo was able to shoot and score without an assist. This did not please the Panther’s keeper.

The second half proved just how tough the Cougar defense could be.

The Panthers tried as hard as possible to rack up the points, but Lassen prevented the many scoring attempts. Throughout the second half, the Panthers were only able to advance their score by a single point.

Though the Cougars lost in the second round of playoffs, their effort still earned them a great end to the season.

The Lady Cougars were also entered into playoffs and performed well.

Lassen had earned their playoff spot after being named the Golden Valley Conference Champions for the 2016 season.

During the first round of playoffs, the Lady Cougars took on the CCSF Rams. The offense and defense of both sides seemed to evenly match the other.

Throughout the game, the Lady Cougars showed great teamwork and support as communication between the players was loud and clear.

The Rams were able to get a single goal in during the first half of the game, but one was all they could manage when up against the Cougar defense.

The Lady Cougars fought hard offensively, but the Ram defense kept their horns well placed. Lassen was unable to score during the game.

The Lady Cougars finished the game with a 1-0 loss, proving the value of great teamwork. The loss was the first for Lassen since the start of the season, again showing the strength of the team.

Coach George Kee has clearly done well by Lassen as his coaching has lead both men’s and women’s soccer into one of the best seasons yet.

Kee has been named the Golden Valley Conference Coach of the Year for both men’s and women’s soccer.

With the soccer season at its close for Lassen, the teams are looking forward to cheering on their peers during spring sporting events.


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